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Jessica Rose Morley


  • October 2019 - present | Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science, University of Oxford Department of Primary Care |Policy Lead 

  • Co-led the Goldacre Review commissioned by the Secretary of State for Health and Care into the better, broader and safer use of health data for research and analysis  

  • Leading the documentation of the structural, technical, practical, political, and cultural barriers to better use of data and software in healthcare and development of worked solutions to these barriers. 

  • Leading a programme of research into quantifying privacy risks associated with use of electronic health record data for planning and analysis, as well as public and professional attitudes regarding these risks. 

  • July 2017 - Feb 2020 | DHSC/NHSX |Tech Adviser/AI Subject Matter Expert  

  • Dec 2015-July 2017| Mapa Research | Acting Director of Research 

  • June 2014-Dec 2015 |Mintel | Research Analyst  

  • Sept 2012-June 2014 | NHS Richmond CCG| Strategy & Planning Project Manager and Primary Care Programme Lead 


  • 2020-2023 University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute, Exeter College 

  • Degree: DPhil in information, communication, and the social sciences.  Thesis: Designing an Algorithmically Enhanced NHS: Towards a Conceptual Framework for the Successful Development, Deployment and Use of Algorithmic-Clinical Decision Support Software in the NHS 

  • 2018-2020 University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute, Kellogg College .  Degree: Social Science of the Internet, MSc| Distinction  

  • 2009-2012 University of Oxford, St. Anne’s College  Degree: Geography, BA | 2.1 


  • Most Relevant Peer Reviewed Journal Articles- Published: 

  • Morley, J., Murphy, L., Mishra, A., Joshi, I., & Karpathakis, K. (2022). Governing Data and Artificial Intelligence for Health Care: Developing an International Understanding. JMIR Formative Research, 6(1), e31623. 

  • Morley, J., Kinsey, L., Elhalal, A. et al. Operationalising AI ethics: barriers, enablers, and next steps. AI & Soc (2021). 

  • Morley, J., & Floridi, L. (2021). How to Design a Governable Digital Health Ecosystem. In J. Cowls & J. Morley (Eds.), The 2020 Yearbook of the Digital Ethics Lab (pp. 69–88). Springer International Publishing. 

  • Morley, J., Elhalal, A., Garcia, F., Kinsey, L., Mökander, J., & Floridi, L. (2021). Ethics as a service: A pragmatic operationalisation of AI Ethics. Minds and Machines, 1–18. 

  • Morley, J., Cowls, J., Taddeo, M., & Floridi, L. (2020a). Ethical guidelines for COVID-19 tracing apps. Nature 582 (7810), 29-31 

  • Morley, J., Cowls, J., Taddeo, M., & Floridi, L. (2020b). Public health in the Information Age: Recognizing the infosphere as a social determinant of health. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 22(8), e19311. 

  • Morley, J., Floridi, L., & Goldacre, B. (2020). The poor performance of apps assessing skin cancer risk. 

  • Morley, J., Floridi, L., Kinsey, L., & Elhalal, A. (2020). From what to how: An initial review of publicly available AI ethics tools, methods, and research to translate principles into practices. Science and Engineering Ethics, 26(4), 2141–2168. 

  • Morley, J., Machado, C. C., Burr, C., Cowls, J., Joshi, I., Taddeo, M., & Floridi, L. (2020). The ethics of AI in health care: A mapping review. Social Science & Medicine, 113172. 

  • Morley, J., & Floridi, L. (2020). An ethically mindful approach to AI for health care. The Lancet, 395(10220), 254–255. 

  • Morley, J., & Floridi, L. (2019). The Limits of Empowerment: How to Reframe the Role of mHealth Tools in the Healthcare Ecosystem. Science and Engineering Ethics. 


£102k Wellcome Trust Doctoral Studentship  

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